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Family & Matrimonial

Family & Matrimonial

Divorce, Separation and Finances

If you are involved in the breakdown of a relationship and are concerned about your financial and property arrangements and how it may affect any children that you have we can advise you regarding all types of family law matters including:

  • >> Divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships
  • >> Cohabitee disputes
  • >> Arrangements for children
  • >> Prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements

We have considerable experience in advising and representing clients from a range of financial backgrounds including the self employed, company directors and those with pension assets including police officers and the armed forces. As we are based in Morpeth we are also experienced in dealing with circumstances specific to those living in rural areas such as relationship breakdown in farming families.

It is tempting for many people to turn to the internet or speak to friends with a belief that legal advice will be unaffordable, yet it is important for those going through a separation to obtain legal advice on their rights and options from a specialist family solicitor. We offer a fixed fee initial appointment followed by written advice tailored to your individual circumstances. We will work with what you can afford and can agree what level of involvement from us suits you best. We can offer fixed fees for some cases and many clients pay by way of monthly instalments.

We try whenever possible to resolve matters amicably through negotiation and without Court Proceedings. Where relevant we can refer you to mediation and work with you, the other party and the mediator to reach an agreement. However, if Court Proceedings are required we are experienced advocates and can represent you throughout the course of the proceedings.


We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of cases relating to children and can advise on your rights and responsibilities relating to any child in your family. In addition to acting for parents we also act for family members including step parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. 

These cases can involve decisions about where a child lives and also arrangements for spending time with parents or other family members. In some cases it can include the involvement of the local authority. Other cases relate to a specific issue such as whether a child should be taken on holiday or disputes over which school they attend. Whatever the dispute relating to arrangements for your children we are able to assist.

Injunctions and Domestic Violence

We deal with all aspects of work regarding domestic abuse and injunctions. We will act quickly and decisively in an emergency situation which can require an urgent same day Court application. We understand how difficult it can be to seek assistance in these circumstances dealing with difficult and personal situations. We can talk you through your options and help support the decision you make.

We offer direct solicitor contact and consistency of representation throughout your case from the first appointment in the office through to representation in Court if required.

If you need any assistance from our family Solicitor please contact us.


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